Rent/Buy a bike

Umeå Wheels offers wide range of second-hand bicycles for rent, both for long and short term.

The bikes that we sell are maintained and perfectly working. Together with every bike there is a free maintance and you don’t have to worry if something breaks.

If you visit the city for a short period of time, you can rent a bike for affordable price. Or if you are a student in Umeå and need a bike for several months, there is a special discount for you.

Your bike has a problem?

If you are our customer and rented or bought a bike from Umeå Wheels, the maintenance is free of charge. If the bike cannot be maintained in one day, we will provide you with another one. Contact us and we will schedule a meeting.

If you are not Umeå Wheels customer, the cost for maintenance service starts from 150kr, depending on the problem. Bring your bike to the store for additional information.

Bikes for employees/guests/visitors

If you need to rent more than several bikes for long or short term, for example for your employees, guests or visitors we can offer you a discount, based on the season and the available bikes that we have.

All of the bikes are fully maintained and in case of a problem, we can offer a temporary replacement. Contact us for more information.

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