Buy a Bike

Get an affordable second-hand bike for your long stay in Umeå

Rent a Bike

We provide cheap bike renting services with free handy maintenance

Repair a Bike

We repair your bike with cheap and guaranteed second-hand components

Our Company

Umeå Wheels is a company that offers different bike services.

Umeå bicycles

In a city like Umeå where bicycles are one of the most prefered and eco-friendly way of transportation having a bike is a must. Every semester the city welcomes many students who need bikes and when they leave hundreds of bicycles end up for recycle or are just abondend somewhere around the city.

bikes and owners

Many of those bikes can still be still used. That is why we want to increase the life duration of every bike by making the connection between the bikes and their owners stronger.

Bikes offer

We offer bikes for sale and rent, maintenance services and a bike registration platform to better recognise bikes owner’s during transactions. Register your bike and help us to reduce thefts, illegal sale and abandance of bikes.

Rent / Buy a bike

Umeå Wheels offers wide range of second-hand bicycles for rent, both for long and short term.

The bikes that we sell are maintained and perfectly working. Together with every bike there is a free maintance and you don’t have to worry if something breaks.

If you visit the city for a short period of time, you can rent a bike for affordable price. Or if you are a student in Umeå and need a bike for several months, there is a special discount for you.

Our Vision

We aim to stop the waste of resources and reach zero bikes stolen or abandoned.
We believe that reuse should not be just an option but the first thing to do.
Recycling is the last thing to do to reduce CO2 emissions from melting bikes components.


Umeå Wheels is working hard on reinventing the way we consume!


Increase Reusing

75% of abandoned bikes in Umeå are recycled when recycling pollutes more than reusing

Build Trust with our Customers

We guarantee to provide our customers with functioning second-hand bike

Reducing Risks

We are carefully selecting our second -hand bikes to prevent any component damage

Smart Partnerships

To overcome climate change challenges and together promote a friendlier environment
  • Umeå needs Umeå wheels 😉💎🚴💎👑
    Sam NematiSam Nemati
  • Thank you so much for helping me with my bike! It was a really competent and quick help! 🙂
    Dimitrij StarkDimitrij Stark
  • This is a very smart solution for you when you are a poor student. As Umeå is basically made for biking, all you need to get anywhere is a bike, inviromental friendly and cheap... But don't forget to invest in a lock in this city they steal bikes....
    Maria DahlbäckMaria Dahlbäck